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Welcome to the Dungeondweller homepage. Dungeondweller is a classic fantasy roguelike and is as with almost every other roguelike, an unfinished project. It is continously being developed in C++, mostly during the weekends and thus progressing rather slow.

The game feautures randomly generated dungeons to explore, monsters to kill and treasures to loot (nothing out of the ordinary yet!). The monsters utilize equipment, move within the dungeon, form groups, attack, retreat and follow enemies. Dungeondweller also features a fully functioning system for bodyparts. You can aim at specific limbs to maim and inflict fatal wounds to your enemies. If you wish to know what I have planned for Dungeondweller I have a version increment plan that I try to follow.



May 13 2002

Dungeondweller 0.6.1 w32 gfx
Dungeondweller 0.6.1 w32 txt


February 10 2002

Dungeondweller 0.6 w32 gfx

Dungeondweller 0.6 w32 txt


February 5 2002

Dungeondweller 0.5.4 w32 gfx

Dungeondweller 0.5.4 w32 txt


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Dungeondweller Developer Diary

July 2

Well, what can I say, one and a half month since the last entry here... School, work and beautiful weather has taken it's fair share of time, and to be honest, I grew tired of Dungeondweller for a while :-/ If I were to rewrite the game today I would make quite a few changes, but I've gotten too far and I do not wish to abandon the project. I have spent the past two months on lots of cleanups in the code, worked on encapsulation of data and trying to be a good OOP boy ;-) I will keep working on codeimprovements before I start to add any more features, otherwise things will get really messy and I'd abandon the project for sure. I'll keep you posted on any updates...


May 15

When I reviewed the log files for the last few days I saw quite a few 404 on the new version of Dungeondweller. After a quick investigation it turned up that I forgot to upload the .zips when I moved the site. They should be available now... sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please try it out and let me know what you think!


May 13

Dungeondweller has finally moved to a new ISP and a new domain due to the problems mentioned earlier. I haven't had any time or inspiration to work on Dungeondweller these past few months. School and work has left little or no spare time and I feel that I needed a little break from Dungeondweller. I have uploaded a new versions containing the things that I've done since the last update. This includes a message history and an almost complete system for sensory events. I still need to differentiate the soundevents triggered by certain actions; dropping a chainmail would sound more than dropping a piece of soft leather armour etc. I plan to put the soundevents in the config files in the same place as the different usages are defined.


April 5

The ISP that is currently hosting this page doesn't allow me to update the site other than via a regular modem connection. This bothers me since I finally got a SDSL connection and I'm therefore looking for other hosting. I have registered a domainname ( and am currently looking for cheap (preferably free) webspace that allows me to setup a static domain.

Besides that the sensory event system is now fully operational and I plan to release a new version soon. I've also made some improvements to the user interface thanks to some ideas from Eino Keskitalo (thanks Eino!). When equiping/taking off items the game stays in the inventory or equipment screen.


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