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Welcome to the Dungeondweller homepage for roguelike development and my own roguelike hobby projects. This site is intended as an entrypoint for anyone interested in the development of roguelike games. If you are unfamiliar with the roguelike game genre a good definition is (modified definition taken from Balrog and originally from ADOM):

"A rogue-like game is a turnbased single-user game featuring the exploration of a dungeon complex. You control a fictional character, often described by race, class, attributes, skills, and equipment. This fictional character is trying to achieve a specific goal and succeed in a difficult quest. To fulfill the quest, you have to explore previously undiscovered tunnels and dungeons, fight hideous monsters, uncover long forgotten secrets, and find treasures of all kind. During the game, you explore dungeon levels which are randomly generated each game. You might also encounter certain special levels, which present a particular challenge or are built around a certain theme.


The term rogue-like comes from the game Rogue. Rogue was developed in the late 70's and released in the early 80's and is considered the mother of all rogue-like games. Since rogue-like games have their roots in the 80's many of the current rogue-likes still use very simple graphics or plain ASCII characters to represent the dungeons and other locations in the game."



UPDATE December 28 2007

Much of the content on this site has been moved to the community project and sister site RogueBasin. Please visit RogueBasin and join the roguelike movement now!

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